Touched24 Debuts Cruelty-Free Skincare Products and Hopes to Inspire Kids With Autism


Touched24 Skin Care



Touched24, a mom-owned skincare brand, takes a delightful approach to skincare with cruelty-free products handcrafted to revitalize sensitive and damaged skin. Made from natural, clean, and simple ingredients, the products guarantee a combination of refreshing fragrances and effective formulations tailored to meet each individual’s unique skincare needs. Touched24 offers moisturizing body butter and oils and exfoliating scrubs that reveal inner glow.

As the Touched24 team says, “Experience the glow with natural skincare.”

Each product is a result of extensive research, personally developed by the founder after struggling to find remedies that work for her and her son’s skin condition. They are made to empower users to feel confident in their skin. But more than this, Touched24 is also meant to inspire children with special needs.

According to the founder, her son, who was diagnosed with autism, is involved in the product-making process, which has helped him become more independent and self-assured. Similarly, Touched24 strives to be a way for children with special needs to realize that they are meant for so much more, despite the world telling them otherwise.


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