Our Story

     In 2016 after having my son, I developed hyperpigmentation which started from my neck and traveled to my face. This skin condition left me devastated. The girl who once had a natural glow now felt grotesque. I went to several dermatologists, and nothing they prescribed worked. At this time, I decided to make natural face serums, moisturizers, and body butter.

       Shortly after, I found out that my son had eczema. With both of us using my products, we combated the skin conditions that we once suffered. I was elated! Who knew this hobby would turn into a passion of mine. My son and I are now walking testimonies of how great our products are for sensitive and damaged skin.

         A year later, my son was diagnosed with autism. I knew that he needed to receive occupational therapy, so I decided to include him in the process of making our products. Making products has helped him tremendously. It's helped his sensory overload and be independent while building confidence!

         When you choose to purchase from us, you are not only investing in great skincare; you are also helping a child become more confident in a world that typically judges you for being "different".  

Thank you for supporting Touched24. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!